A message from the Captain of the ship:

“It gives me immense pleasure to introduce to you ORIENTMATTOR & CO. A success of 22 years of constant growth, remarkable achievements and innovative techniques with a strong customer driven business strategy, Orienmattor & Co have become one of the leading producer of handmade woolen carpets tailoring the product according to client’s particular needs and explicit demands for carpets of different shapes, designs, sizes and colors.

I would like to grab this opportunity to thank our employees and our business associates worldwide, working not only as a one team but as one family, and which is by all means one of our supreme assets. This dynamic force uphold our growth and enabled us to face the growing challenges, cut-throat market competition and meet the quality standards we have developed and accustomed our clients to worldwide.

On behalf of Orientmattor & Co, I wish you continuous prosperity, and I am looking forward to continuing our successful business partnership and aggressively pursuing our goals for outstanding long-term growth aiming for more prosperity and success.”

Shamim Ansari